Comprobo Online Validation

How do you know your training was completed and understood?
Do you know who is really being trained or tested?

Photo by Craig Garner on Unsplash

Comprobo approached us with the aim to rebuild a prototyped interface for their automated invigilation and identity verification solution.

Choosing to approach the problem from a design-first perspective, we produced UX and UI design guidelines using atomic design patterns.

For the implementation we chose Angular for its stability and battle-tested APIs in business of all scales, from start-up to international bank.

Over the next few months we prototyped, reviewed and implemented sections of the user interface, as guided by stakeholders and prospective users.

Consuming a set of structured JSON APIs and responding to user events across Angular directives we built a modular system that can be expanded and reworked without massive rewrites and allowing us a degree of flexibility to replace modules that are unsatisfactory with improved versions as and when they are required.

In particular we were tasked to solve problems around capturing webcam streams, audio information and device and connectivity information to provide administrators a huge wealth of information to help them understand the nature of their user’s actions and to inform them on their subsequent actions.

Using Agile methodologies we regularly review progress and priorities with other stakeholders and remote members of the team.

My duties on this project include supporting third parties integrating with the software, architecting and implementing modules and features in the Angular codebase, scheduling, and managing ticket backlog.

I also provide some backup support for the AWS infrastructure and some back-end services when required.

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