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Open Source

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I’ve been a keen contributor to open source since I started programming recreationally in 2011.

I’ve contributed documentation, bug fixes and small features across a number of projects.

I often choose a project to contribute to based on its community; that is to say how it is presented in public and when there is positive engagement from the maintainer(s).

Projects that I use for my work often are also considered since it gives me an opportunity to give something back to those who’s hard work helps me create great things.

As a thank-you, or if you are looking to engage in contributing to open source, please consider some of my favourite projects!

24PullRequests, originally created by @teabass, is a website aimed at encouraging open source contributions. It uses the idea of an advent calendar of pull requests - aiming for 24 in the month of December - to complete the challenge.

This is a brilliant project to contribute to sinnce the site itself is built in the open and those pull requests count against your tally.

This project may interest you if you like:

Project homepage - source code


Canned, by @sideshowcoder is a library designed to help with building applications that rely on external APIs.

It is file-based and, as the name suggests, it returns canned responses to requests you make.

Built on node and using a slightly extended JSON spec to include magic comments, I’ve found the project to be extremely useful for a client and have contributed back what I can.

This project may interest you if you like:

source code

Cornwall Ruby

A small plug. I run Cornwall Ruby and the website is built in the open using Jekyll.

At the moment it’s a very modest affair, with a simple layout and a donated logo (thanks @djnetherton)

This project may interest you if you like:

Project homepage - source code

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